This project is located in the neighborough of Mercala Beach in Tangier

Primarily a residential building, a small part is dedicated to commerce and offices. It is elevated from the street level to allow for privacy in the common areas such as the swimming pool. The floors are constructed as staggered ellipses, their shape incorporates the apartment terraces and allow for the necessary shade.


    • TIMELINE: 2018
    • LOCATION: Tangier, Morrocco
    • CATEGORY: Mixed-Use
    • SIZE: 7,940 m2
    • PROGRAM: 9 apartments / Offices / Retails / SPA & Fitness / Swimming Pool / Parking / General Services
    • CLIENT: PromoPrestige
    • ASSOCIATIONS: Lahon & Partners / Bureau MACH

The facade has been clad in white stone, creating an impressive frontage. The ceiling-high windows and wood ceiling terraces invoke a spectacular, timeless appearance. The terraces afford an exceptional view of the sea.